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Image by Josh Howard




This method is a showstopper!


Installation is astonishingly fast, and the results are shamelessly seamless! Whether you're wanting to add length or volume to your hair, tape-in extensions can deliver the perfect look for you.


Clients are raving about the volume and length that tape-in extensions can provide, while still blending easily into their own natural hair.

This method of hair extensions can often be applied in as little as 45 minutes, so you’ll be looking fabulous in no time! My guests love how quickly they are able to change their look. 


The extensions are applied with a medical grade adhesive which is designed specifically to be compatible with your natural hair. This method allows for a gentle, yet durable result that lasts. 


Following proper care, you'll experience consistent and beautiful results throughout the duration of your wear time!


When the extensions are ready to be removed, the process is easy. We simply apply a gentle solution to the hair, which easily separates the extensions, and allows for quick removal. 

We always require a consultation visit prior to pricing disclosure.

Reserve your consultation TODAY for the hair you've always wanted!

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